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Chocolate chunks meet cookie clusters, flavor review of Quest Nutrition’s cookies and cream

Review of Quest Nutrition's cookies and cream protein bar

The latest addition to the Quest Nutrition family is the cookies and cream protein bar. It was initially teased for a few days, then launched through the popular retailer GNC and direct from the brand. Soon after it hit, the hyped flavor moved in to regular stockists and started it’s spree of favorable reviews. Over the past few months we ourselves have been trying Quest’s popular bars, resulting in double chocolate chunk and white chocolate raspberry taking our top spots. Once we heard about the cookies and cream variant, we ordered in a few boxes and surprise surprise, they were gone in a week. The upside is of course what we have here today, our review of the latest Quest Nutrition addition.

Initially we expected the protein bar to look like your usual cookies and cream snack, white with some cookies sprinkles. As it turns out once you unwrap the exciting treat you immediately realize you are in for an experience. Instead of having dashes of cookies and cream throughout the bar, Quest have got their signature chunks of white chocolate, with cookies spread out as well as bunched up for the odd cookie climax. While the flavor of the in-title cookies isn’t as strong as the taste of the flavorsome chocolate chunks. It definitely adds to the overall enjoyment of the bar, offering a second area of concentration to look forward to when making your way through the snack. The white chocolate as many fans will know, as well as us from our white chocolate raspberry feasts. Is probably the closest thing you are going to get to the taste of actual chocolate when it comes to a protein bar. The same can be said for the cookies, or at least the clusters of cookies. As once you are done with a chocolate chunk or cookie centralization, the bar’s less exciting areas don’t exactly remind you of cookies and cream. The Quest bar’s thickness and chew tend to become a bit more dominant, taking away from the marginally creamy consistency and minuscule cookie bits.

All in all we have to say it is one of the best flavors Quest have produced. We are not going to say that it is the best, but definitely one of them. For those fans that enjoy chocolate chunks in their protein bars, then cookies and cream will be worth your time. The product is made even better with it’s equally large and thick cookie clusters, giving the protein bar double the amount of enjoyment. We did say the experience is a little flat in the areas outside the chunks and clusters. However in the average bar, there is very little space without those two highlights, and almost no bite without them in the most flavor filled creation. If you are a fan of protein bars, and have yet to try anything from Quest, cookies and cream is definitely one of the ones on the list of ‘must try’. It also makes the brand’s menu that bit more attractive, and every other high protein snack on the market that less appealing.

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