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Twinlab’s latest say it all on the bottle, Diet Fuel Bikini and Ripped Fuel Physique

Twinlab's two new sex divided supplements Diet Fuel Bikini and Ripped Fuel Physique

Of all the brands dividing themselves up and pushing out alternate supplement lines. Twinlab are probably one of the ones doing things a little more complex. That being said two products have appeared that are not really attached to any of their supplement series, or featuring familiar branding.

They are Ripped Fuel Physique and Diet Fuel Bikini. Both are weight loss formulas each designed for their target market made obvious through their names and imagery. If for some reason Twinlab’s marketing tactics don’t get the message across and make it obvious which one is right for you. They each list a separate set of ingredients, with Physique coming off a little more energetic, and Bikini slightly less stimulating. A few of the brand’s stockists are beginning to appear with either one or all of the products, listing the same price tag for both, at a little under $25 for 24 servings.

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