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Freak Maker Build possibly first of many, All American EFX preview their mass protein

All American EFX preview their upcoming mass protein Freak Maker Build

Recently All American EFX have been teasing the coming of a lot new things with supplements and flavors. While they had yet reveal any details about what the products or tastes may be. The first item in what could turn out to be a spree of releases has arrived. The supplement expected to kick it all off is titled Freak Maker Build, and is yet another beautifully named mass protein formula. According to EFX the product features 24g of protein pulled from six sources, and a 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio made up of fast absorbing Karbolyn. Of course the supplement wouldn’t be an EFX formula if it didn’t have any Kre-Alkalyn creatine. Which the brand have included at 1.5g, presumably per the same size serving as the highlighted 24g of protein. Currently Freak Maker is only listed as coming soon, although as mentioned there is a good chance we will be seeing a few more products before the arrival of the mass protein.

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