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Stuck deciding on what Cellucor C4 flavor you should buy? introduce 30 and 60 serving variety packs's variety C4 Extreme bundles

For experienced C4 Extreme users, deciding on one of Cellucor’s 12 flavors is probably not a difficult task. For others, especially new comers, it’s not as easy. have now solved the problem of what flavor uncertain pre-workout purchasers should get with their variety stacks. The popular online store have put together sets of six and 12 trial size C4s, which of course for each five serving packet you get to decide on the flavor. The list of options features a total of ten different tastes, with almost every variant including’s exclusive mojito. The two missing are sweet tea and Cellucor’s Mystery Flavor, a recipe that is now officially titled Flyin’ Hawaiian. The 30 and 60 serving Cellucor C4 stacks have been uploaded to Although at the moment they can not be added to your cart, but do list values that won’t see you spending too much extra money compared to the supplement’s regular tubs.

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