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Sweet tea C4 Extreme not available everywhere, Cellucor confirm their 12th as a GNC exclusive

Cellucor confirm sweet tea C4 Extreme as a GNC exclusive

For all those Cellucor fans out there waiting on the latest C4 Extreme flavor sweet tea to hit their local stockist, you may be waiting a while. Nothing was mentioned initially by the brand or GNC, however the pre-workout’s 12th taste is in fact an exclusive. The C4 variant did first show up at GNC, which doesn’t always mean it’s just for them. This time around though that is the case, making it the supplement’s only option not available from If you are torn between adding sweet tea C4 to your stack and saving some money for the month. GNC don’t actually have the Cellucor product priced as high as others, valued at $39.99 or $36.99 with a Gold Card. The store does also have a sale on at the moment that might sweeten the deal enough for you. With a buy one get one 50% off promotion, which is available for mixing with other C4 flavors.

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