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Swole sequel officially titled Cannibal Permaswole, Chaos & Pain detail their new and improved pump pre-workout

Chaos and Pain reveal Cannibal Swole sequel Permaswole

Chaos and Pain initially started talking about their Cannibal Swole sequel back in February, only two months after it went on sale. The supplement is now looking more ready than ever as today the brand have released a rough launch time, and the formula behind what they are calling Cannibal Permaswole. Put up against it’s predecessor, the pump pre-workout’s reveal confirms changes all round. Starting with dose modifications, Chaos have gone with an increase in citrulline malate moving up to 4g, 50% more resveratrol, and an extra 100mg of norvaline. The features that have been kept the same are agmatine and creatinol-o-phosphate, with the original’s Na-R-ALA being replaced by 3g of beta-alanine, 400mg of pomegranate fruit, and 10mg of niacin. It is worth mentioning that each of those doses are based on the brand’s new serving system with a maximum of two scoops, as opposed to the original’s one. Overall unless you were somewhat attached to the one ingredient Chaos dropped. Permaswole should have no problem pleasing when it arrives in the next few weeks.

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