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Modernized Hyper Cuts Chrome preview, CTD Labs moving to cylinder bottles for pill products

Preview of CTD Lab's upcoming resurrected fat burner Hyper Cuts Chrome

Late last month CTD Lab’s confirmed the resurrection of their DMAA fat burner, Hyper Cuts. The supplement was revealed to be on it’s way back, set to launch using the brand’s second generation title, Hyper Cuts Chrome. While we are still short on details surrounding the product’s contents, today we have a sneak peek at what the modernized Hyper Cuts is due to look like. The first thing you may notice in the above picture, is probably the same thing we first noticed, and that is the supplement’s bottle. The Chrome update is indeed going to be coming in a cylinder package, an alternative style that is expected to be spread across all of the brand’s pill products. Along with a look at it’s bottle, CTD Lab’s preview also confirms the new weight loss supplements capsule count at 60. Presumably setting it’s serving size exactly the same as the original DMAA formula at two a day. As mentioned earlier we are still short on ingredient information for Hyper Cuts Chrome, however after today’s first look at the product we must be close to release.

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