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Formula behind reformulated PTF revealed, Gamma V2 pre-workout due in next few days

Complete formula revealed for Gamma Lab's new pre-workout PTF V2

Gamma Lab’s updated pre-workout PTF V2 is due in the next few days, and with it’s coming arrival the brand have released it’s complete facts panel. While the supplement is due to set itself a part from the original on the outside with it’s alternatively white themed bottle. Gamma are of course also going to set V2 apart from it’s predecessor on the inside with 100mg more vitamin C, an increase in citrulline malate by 625mg, 100mg more beta-alanine, a doubled tyrosine complex, and the antioxidant blend enhanced by the addition of grape seed extract. There are some other new ingredients in PTF V2 (full facts panel below) with the introduction of acai berry, pomegranate, beet root extract, the swap of l-arginine for l-arginine HCl, and a higher concentration of l-dopa from mucuna pruriens. Unfortunately there is no exact date available for the release of Gamma Lab’s reformulated pre-workout. However we do expect it go live first through the brand’s official store.

Gamma Labs PTF V2 facts panel
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