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Moore Growth followed by Moore Test Elite, as promised another new one from Moore Muscle

Moore Muscle reveal and soon to release another new supplement

Following up on their promise of plenty more new products, Moore Muscle have revealed their second supplement for 2014. The name of the formula is Moore Test Elite, a product looking to compete in it’s title category. Like with the brand’s most recent release Moore Growth, the latest addition to the Moore family has been unveiled with it’s complete facts panel, making plenty of promises including increased muscle growth and lowered estrogen levels. To help delivers it’s desired results Moore Muscle have packed Moore Test with a 13 piece proprietary blend featuring highlights such as it’s lead ingredient tribulus, fenugreek and DIM. While we have uploaded the supplements facts panel below for those interested in Moore Test’s other ten features. Moore Muscle are looking to keep their reveal to release transitions consistent, with the brand’s new testosterone booster due to arrive sometime over the next few weeks.

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