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Rhino 2.0 countdown website launched, help get Muscle Sport to 500 subscribers for an update

Muscle Sport launch their Rhino 2.0 countdown website

We were first told about the supplement, then given a largely shaded sneak peek, and now we have an official website building up to the release of Rhino 2.0. The new Muscle Sport promotional page features a blurred background image of the upcoming pre-workout sequel, with a countdown timer and email subscription box. While the clock currently sits at 23 days and 18 hours with very little information surrounding it, the Rhino 2.0 site is expected to change over the remaining days as interest grows. The subscription box, one of the only two things on the website, is not only a good way to stay in the loop with the brand for developments of the product. But it is also going to be a counter for Muscle Sport, as when the total number of subscriptions hits a certain level the site will be updated. Unfortunately we do not know what any of the stages for the Rhino 2.0 promotion are. However word is formula reveals, giveaways, and pre-order super specials are possibilities, with the first change to the website due when Muscle Sport get to 500 subscribers.

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