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Fourth Basix Series individual Lipo-6 Chromium, Nutrex latest expected to hit shelves under $10

Nutrex release another Basix Series individual Lipo-6 Chromium

Nutrex have once again added to their Basix weight loss line, with yet another individual ingredient supplement. The last Basix basic the brand introduced was Lipo-6 Caffeine, which has now been followed up by Lipo-6 Chromium. As with all the other simple products in the line, the brand’s latest keeps things consistent

with a single feature formula packing 200mcg of chromium picolinate in each of it’s 100 capsules. While we don’t have an exact price for the supplement just yet, if what Nutrex have listed on their website is anything to go by. We expect to see Lipo-6 Chromium in stores with a single digit dollar value.

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