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Gold Standard Casein menu moves to 10, Optimum with yet another exclusive

Optimum Nutrition's exclusive strawberry cream casein

As if didn’t have enough exclusives already. Optimum Nutrition have followed up on their peach mango Pro BCAA from last week with yet another flavor just for the popular online store. The latest option coming from the brand has gone to Gold Standard 100% Casein, with the supplement’s 10th overall taste and 9th for Joining the protein powder’s menu is strawberry cream, a flavor both exclusive to the aforementioned store and for now 100% Casein’s 2lb tub size. Unfortunately the popular product’s new taste has not been greeted with an introductory special. Although if you are happy to go with one of the regular options, in the 4lb tub size. You will score yourself a free trial bottle of Optimum’s award winning Gold Standard 100% Whey.

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