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Stack3d @ the 2014 FileX, modified PES Alphamine makes use of half the original

Stack3d at the 2014 FileX with a reformulated PES Alphamine

PES may be expanding in America with a number of new products recently like the protein powder Select and the thermogenic Norcodrene. However in Australia it appears their presence is limited to just the one supplement Alphamine. Today at the FileX we stumbled across the popular product, that has received a few modifications to allow for sale in the area. Of the original’s eight ingredients, the reformulated Alphamine makes use of only half, caffeine, higenamine, HICA, and eucommia ulmoides. Trading out the other four for three in taurine, glucuronolactone, and bacopa monniera. The scoop size has also been adjusted accordingly, dropping from 3g to 2.5g, with from what we can see just two flavors for Australia, fruit punch and raspberry lemonade.

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