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PS Whey estimated around $55 for 5lb tub, Pro Supps 100% whey protein looking competitive

Estimate on value of Pro Supps new protein powder PS Whey

One of the more interesting things about Pro Supps new mainstream protein powder PS Whey, is not so much it’s straightforward formula, but it’s two sizes. The brand previously confirmed the supplement’s volumes as a 5lb tub and 10lbg bag, with the latter being a good indicator that PS Whey is a cost effective product. Now that the protein powder has been launched, and is slowly making it’s way out to stores we can give you a rough idea of how competitive Pro Supps are going to be in the protein category. Nothing is official as no major store is listing the supplement. However based on the figures listed by the brand on their website, we’re going to take a guess and say between 50 to $55 for the 5lb, and a little bit over $100 for the 10lb. While those numbers are just our estimates, if Pro Supps even come through at the highest end of those values with $55 and $105 for PS Whey. They will find themselves competing with other big name brand protein powders such as Cellucor Cor-Whey and Optimum Gold Standard.

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