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Long Sleeve T-Shirt Hoodie valued at $34.99, Pro Supps Swag collection grows by two

Pro Supps release their new Long Sleeve T-Shirt Hoodie

Arguably the leader when it comes to supplement company clothing. Pro Supps have added another new piece of apparel to their ever growing PS Swag collection. The latest addition to the brand’s non-supplement line is the Long Sleeve T-Shirt Hoodie. The item has been produced in two different colors, both featuring the same logo print on the front and Pro Supps quote ‘Athletes Are Built Not Born’ on the back. While they do both appear to only be separated by color, they actually differ slightly with the red version being fitted, and the black one not fitted. The T-Shirt Hoodie is listed as both a men’s and women’s piece, and is available in five sizes going from small to XXL. If you are interested Pro Supps direct store is as always the place to go, where either variant of the new product can be purchased for $34.99.

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