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SmartShake’s new eight piece Slim Series, Neon colors borrowed for latest collection

SmartShake's new Slim Series with the Neon line's eight different colors

Since the beginning SmartShake haven’t really changed the overall shape of their flagship product for any of their collections. We had the Originals, athlete based Signature bottles, Lite variants, and the interchangeable Neon Series, all without any major size variation. In the brand’s latest line however they have decided to switch things up, and put together a slightly different mold. The new SmartShake range is titled the Slim Series, a combination of eight shakers all featuring a taller, trimmed down 17oz (500ml) bottle. If the line’s collection of colors pictured above do seem a little familiar, it’s because the range’s eight colors are the exact same eight from SmartShake’s Neon Series. As for availability of the brand’s latest line, there are a number of stores already showing up with the Slim shakers. All outside the US, listing the products for a little less than the Neon Series variants.

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