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Vita Jym here in the next few weeks, Jim Stoppani reveals his fifth supplement

Jim Stoppani confirms his fifth supplement the multi-vitamin Vita Jym

While we have still yet to see Jim Stoppani’s protein powder Pro Jym or fat burner Shred Jym go on sale. The man behind it all has revealed his fifth supplement, the multi-vitamin formula appropriately titled Vita Jym. Unlike Stoappni’s other product previews, his latest has come with just a picture of what looks to be the face of the supplement. The sneak peek details three features and doses, 10,000IU of beta-carotene, 500mcg of vitamin B12, and 400IU of vitamin E, as well as list a serving size of two tablets, with 30 servings per 60 tablet bottle. As for the rest of the ingredients in the transparently dosed product all should be confirmed very soon. As Stoppani has said that the supplement is due out in the next few weeks. Which may in fact see Vita Jym become available before the long awaited Pro Jym.