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Essential Series launch almost complete, 14 Muscletech basics now out and about

Entire Muscletech Essential Series almost available

In total Muscletech list 17 Essential Series supplements, with three previously previewed products not on display. The Arnold pictured Platinum Gakic and Platinum Test Booster, and the unflavored protein Platinum Iso-Zero. While the line didn’t see any sort of big launch, the basic formulas have been slowly making their way out group by group. First we saw the three Platinum proteins, then the CLAs along with Creatine, Glutamine, Krill Oil and more recently Platinum Multivitamin. It now seems we are getting near the end of the list as another lot of Muscletech Essentials are showing up with Platinum Garcinia Plus, Carnitine, Betaine and Fish Oil 4X. Basically all that’s left to come is BCAA 8:1:1, the regular Fish Oil, Phosphatidyl Serine and Iso-Zero, with Platinum Gakic and Test Booster’s future still unconfirmed. At the moment most stores do seem to have their own Essential selection. But if you are looking for the store with the biggest range, Netrition are sitting with 13 of the 14 currently out there.

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