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Custom job brings four new shakers to life, SmartShake get together with Better Bodies

SmartShake's four new custom Better Bodies SmartShakers

Over the years almost every shaker brand has teamed up with at least one company, for a custom spin on their popular product. One of the few shaker brands known for collaborations is SmartShake, who have just released another combined effort. The company behind the world’s smartest shaker recently got together with the gym apparel brand Better Bodies, to produce a total of four new SmartShakers. Two of the four feature the large 28oz cup with just the one compartment, coming in metal with black and black with orange. The other two are slightly smaller at 20oz, but with the usual two compartments, and come in aqua with black and pink with black. While the items may not all match, they do all try to send the same message promoting Better Bodies ‘EST. 1982’ and ‘New York’, at least somewhere on the bottle. As for availability you can expect to see the four SmartShakers at your local Better Bodies stockist if not now. Then sometime soon, with the larger variant about a buck more than the small one.

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