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EVL bringing more than just a fifth flavor, mystery blue ENGN said to be an industry first

EVL confirm alternate blue ENGN theme is not a rebranding

EVLution recently previewed a new flavor for their pre-workout ENGN, covering up of course the actual title of the taste. As well as the confirmation of another option for the supplement, the brand revealed what looked to be a rebranding. As it turns out the bright blue uniform is not a rebranding,

it is actually at the moment a mystery. EVL have said absolutely nothing, giving away no hints whatsoever, although they have released an image of the new ENGN flavor also with the regular black label. We can only assume that means the blue themed variant is going to be some kind of special edition, maybe an alternate formula, limited run or extra strength, it’s anyone’s guess. To make it that much more interesting, EVL may not have dropped any hints but have said the mystery ENGN is going to be an industry first.

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