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Flagship gel gets flavor number 12, GU Energy go with chocolate peanut butter

GU energy release a new GU Gel flavor chocolate peanut butter

It was only just last week that we posted on GU Energy and their interest in another flavor for their endurance athlete based gel range. While that post was based on the brand asking their fans to decide between root beer and cola, for an unmentioned product. This week GU have released a new option, however it is neither of the teased two. The title of the new taste that has gone to the flagship GU Gel is chocolate peanut butter, a combination of the original chocolate outrage and 2012’s peanut butter. Not including the seasonal peppermint stick, the latest flavor takes the brand’s current menu from 11 to 12. With their website already listing the chocolate peanut butter GU Gel in stock and available for purchase, in boxes of eight or 24.

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