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Muscle Pharm pre-workout in for another, cherry limeade set to take Assault menu to 10

Muscle Pharm confirm 10th Assault flavor cherry limeade

While Muscle Pharm have been all over the place lately with updates going to Combat, the reveal of Isolate Zero, Combat Casein, Combat Crunch. As well as developments for Fitmiss and the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series. The last time we saw the athlete’s company pay any attention to their pre-workout supplement Assault, was back when they introduced flavor number nine for the product with candy apple. Muscle Pharm are now back with their attention around Assault and it’s 10th taste, cherry limeade. The variant is not only set to take the pre-workout’s menu into double digits. But it is also going to be the first flavor outside of Assault’s original seven options to come in both the 30 and 50 serving tub. Unfortunately at this time there is no word on when the latest from Muscle Pharm is going launch. However we do feel after seeing candy apple and strawberry margarita announced as exclusives. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see cherry limeade Assault follow suit.

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