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10lb Combat good but not the best, Muscle Pharm’s Costco exclusive still unbeatable

Muscle Pharm's 10lb Combat not better than Costco's 5lb

A lot of supplement retailers do now have Muscle Pharm’s bagged Combat. A new volume weighing in at 10lbs, with an impressive 130 servings for chocolate and cookies & cream, and 135 servings for the vanilla variant. The cost effective athlete’s company option first showed up at Supplement Central for a relatively unimpressive $122.95. While it did appear with the 10% bulk saving compared to the 4lb as expected, we weren’t too sure about how low it would eventually go. Now that the 10lb Combat is in most stockists, it seems the best price you are going to get, is a buck under $100. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exactly compete with Muscle Pharm’s Costco exclusive, making the $43 5lb still the best option. The downside to the exclusive is of course it’s one flavor, cookies & cream. However the 10lber is in the same boat with just three tastes on it’s menu, leaving Muscle Pharm fans to decide what’s more important, value or variety?

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