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Muscle Pharm protein shot going back to four, chocolate confirmed for on-the-go MuscleGel

Muscle Pharm set to move MuscleGel menu back up to four with chocolate

It appears that the news is not going to stop for Muscle Pharm with today bringing yet another development. The latest from the athlete’s company sees the introduction of a new variant, surprisingly going to one of their more unique supplements, the on-the-go protein MuscleGel. The last time we saw anything done to the protein shot was when Muscle Pharm rebranded the product and dropped it’s fourth flavor cinnamon roll. The supplement is soon going to be back up to a menu total of four with the current selection of banana cream, key lime and tropical mango joined by chocolate. The variant will be welcomed as MuscleGel’s only and first non-fruity flavor since cinnamon roll. And has been confirmed to feature the same amount of protein at 22g, with the other numbers presumably matching up as well. Unfortunately just like Combat Casein, Combat Isolate Zero, Combat Crunch and Arnold’s Iron Test. Muscle Pharm have yet to give chocolate MuscleGel a launch date, putting it in the coming soon basket with not even an estimated range of arrival.

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