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Mystery game changer building to launch, Muscle Sport preview their next big thing

Muscle Sport building up to another big supplement release

According to Muscle Sport they have something on the way just as important as their well built up and greatly promoted pre-workout sequel, Rhino Revolution 2.0. At the moment they have not revealed a thing about the supplement, not even a name, releasing just a blurred teaser image. The brand’s vague preview picture has of course all it’s important parts distorted. Leaving us to guess what it is based on what’s not in Muscle Sport’s line, and the few words accompanying the mystery upload. While we are not willing to put our money on any one category yet. We will say seeing as the brand have just come off a pre-workout launch, and are promoting their next release as a game changer. There is a good chance it is going to be following one of today’s popular market trends. Plenty do come to mind, however as we saw with Rhino 2.0 Muscle Sport will not leave us guessing for too long, and no doubt start dropping clues very soon.

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