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Suspected supersized bagged Combat confirmed, Muscle Pharm’s flagship protein gets a third

Bagged variant of Muscle Pharm's Combat revealed

Something that has come as no surprise following Muscle Pharm’s March confirmation of an 8lb Iron Mass, and last week’s first hand look at the bagged product. Is a supersize Combat Protein going well beyond the brand’s current biggest, the Costco exclusive 5lb cookies ‘n cream.

The athlete’s company have uploaded an image showing off the bagged version of the supplement. Proving we were right to be suspicious about a larger Combat after seeing Muscle Pharm’s upsize ability with Iron Mass. There is no word on when the third volume variant will arrive, what flavors it will be available in, or it’s official size. However our guesses are a launch sometime in the next month or two, probably only Combat’s popular flavors, and a total weight of around 8lbs, like the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series mass protein.

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