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10 Essentials down 7 or 9 to go, Muscletech’s best-in-class individuals quite competitive

10 Muscletech Essential Series supplements now out and about

It’s been almost two weeks now since Muscletech’s Essential Series supplements started making their way out to stockists. Seeing more than just the straightforward line’s Platinum Proteins become available. So far of the brand’s 17 products confirmed for the collection, not including the previously pictured Platinum Gakic and Test Booster. We have seen the three aforementioned proteins go on sale 100% Whey, Iso-Whey and Casein. The basics 100% Creatine, Glutamine and Carnitine. All three Pure CLA variants, pill, powder and 95, as well as Pure Krill Oil. All together Muscletech have got ten Essentials now out and about, leaving seven or possibly nine to come. While we have yet to see all the supplements from the range, we have to say currently the brand are looking extremely competitive with their best-in-class basics. Some extremely cost effective examples include the 300g 100% Glutamine around $15, the 200g CLA Powder at $20, and the 400g 100% Creatine just under $10. The only other supplement we really have to see before confirming Muscletech’s surprising uprising would be Platinum BCAA 8:1:1. Although even if it does launch a little bit less competitive than the other Essentials, the brand have definitely made a statement with what they’ve released so far.

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