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Trial size Platinum 100% bags now available, Muscletech do 3 serves for Essential proteins

Muscletech produce three serving trial bags of the Essential Series proteins

If you aren’t ready to lay down the full price of Muscletech’s Essential Series Platinum 100% Whey, Iso-Whey or Casein. The brand have put together a new volume to make sampling any of the protein powders an inexpensive task. Now available for each of the supplements is a three serving trial size bag ranging in price from 7 to $10. The options are of course not very cost effective, but if you are just wanting a sample instead of going all in on a tub, they are the way to go. To make the sample bag an even better solution, unlike their competitors Muscletech have actually made every flavor available for the Platinum Protein’s, available for the three serves as well. We don’t know if every stockist is set to get the trial volumes, but for now seems to be the place to go.

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