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SX-7s joined pre-workout and stack, Muscletech make it offiicial with #Shatter and Muscle Stack

When Muscletech first previewed their Hydroxycut SX-7 formula, we immediately assumed it was the start of a SX-7 supplement series. When the stimulant free variant of Hydroxycut SX-7 arrived, we were then even more sure. However now with the confirmation of #Shatter, as well as the Muscle Stack and it’s two products Peak and Clear Muscle SX-7, it is official. Starting with the hashtagged supplement #Shatter, the first of the two is a pre-workout going with a rather simple formula featuring CarnoSyn beta-alanine, Peak ATP, caffeine anhydrous, nutmeg extract, higenamine and brown algae extract. While the product’s contents aren’t exactly ground breaking Muscletech have gone the extra mile with flavors, giving #Shatter four 50 serving tastes to choose from. The other new item from the brand is the Muscle Stack, a rather simple two supplement combination of Peak, a Peak ATP and longjack formula. With the Muscle Stack’s other half Clear Muscle, basically a replica of Muscetech’s current Performance Series hit, a product also titled Clear Muscle. Unfortunately based on the brand’s website and it’s exclusive promotion of the current two SX-7s. Don’t expect to see #Shatter SX-7, Peak SX-7 or Clear Muscle SX-7 anywhere outside GNC.

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