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Let ’em know not to steal your bench, Mutant’s latest accessory the embroidered gym towel

Mutant latest release the embroidered Mutant towel

With already a lot tees and hats available in their gear section. Mutant have switched to accessories rather than clothing for their latest release. The hardcore brand have put together a little something not every company has in their range, a custom sweat towel. The item is as basic as it sounds, a black 100% cotton towel measuring 12″ by 18″, with Mutant’s logo and phrase “Leave Humanity Behind” boldly embroidered on half the towel. As with all the brand’s clothing and accessories, the most recent addition to the family is only available direct from Mutant’s website, valued at just $9.99. A price fans shouldn’t mind paying for what in the words of the brand will “let ’em know not to steal your bench until you’re done”.

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