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Guggul Extract variant goes 750mg per tablet, NOW’s new releases for the month of May

NOW introduce three new supplements for the month of May

For the month of May NOW Foods have got a little more than they did in April, with a total of three new supplements. The first of the three is Magtein, an individual formula featuring in the words of the brand a ‘patented form of Mg (magnesium) that readily crosses the blood-brain barrier for utilization in the brain’. Each bottle of the product packs 90 veggie capsules, enough to last you the usual 30 days. Next we have a 6oz variant of D-Mannose Powder, the naturally occurring simple sugar supplement that was already available in a 3oz bottle and 120 capsules. Lastly we have Guggul Extract, yet another variant of a current NOW formula with the new tablet version packing 750mg of it’s title ingredient. Although only 2% guggulsterones, compared to the capsule edition’s 2.5%. As per usual you can expect to see the brand’s latest in stores if not today, then very soon, as NOW do tend to get their releases out fairly quickly.

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