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Optimum’s new 40 serving amino cocktail, AmiN.O. Energy like Performance Energy

Optimum Nutrition's new AmiN.O. Energy like supplement Performance Energy

A new supplement from Optimum Nutrition has surfaced, however it may not be as new as it appears. The name of the product is Performance Energy, a supplement branded with the same theme as the veteran company’s Performance Whey and Whey Isolate. The main reason we believe it may not be a new product, is due to it’s almost identical formula to that of the brand’s original amino cocktail AmiN.O. Energy, making it look more like a replacement. While Optimum have yet to confirm anything or even mention the supplement for that matter, compared to their current amino, Performance Energy features the same size amino blend weighing in at 5g. With 12 of AmiN.O. Energy’s 14 amino blend ingredients, dropping arginine and glutamine for the product’s 13th feature in the blend, alanine. As for AmiN.O. Energy’s energy complex, Optimum have simply dropped green tea and green coffee, only carrying over caffeine dosed at 100mg. Outside of the relatively new supplement’s contents, the award winning brand have given Performance Energy 10 more servings than AmiN.O. Energy with a total of 40, and so far only revealed one flavor for the product in fruit punch. Optimum’s latest has yet to be uploaded to their own website, but has already been launched through GNC and can now be purchased through their online store for $25.99, or $21.99 with a Gold Card.

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