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4+ Nutrition working on new protein powder, Hydrobeef expected to be ready for September

4+ Nutrition tease trial tubs of their upcoming supplement Hydrobeef

Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with 4+ Nutrition, as out of all the brands we try to follow. The Italian based 4+ have the most going on with new supplements, flavors and sizes coming almost every two weeks. Today however we are not introducing anything, we are actually going to highlight what the brand are currently working on. Basically 4+ Nutrition have been spotted with some samples that are being tested out at the moment of an upcoming product. The supplement does appear to be a protein powder, with what we are going to assume to be it’s final name Hydrobeef. Without any details direct from 4+ we can not confirm anything, although we will say there is a good chance the product is a beef sourced protein formula based purely on it’s title. Unfortunately the unofficial name and guesses are where it ends for Hydrobeef, with the only other piece information we have relating to the supplement’s arrival. Which has 4+ hoping to have the presumed beef protein powder ready to go for September.

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