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Fast and slow release 4+ protein on the way, Simply Pro+ promised to deliver fans top value

4+ Nutrition detail their latest protein powder Simply Pro+

The trend of blend protein powders seems to have finally found it’s way to 4+ Nutrition. As the Italian company have just unveiled an entirely new protein supplement, intending to set itself apart from the brand’s other protein formulas like Whey+, ISO+ and the 24 hour solution Pro Blend. The title of the latest 4+ product is Simply Pro+, a supplement not detailing it’s forms but teasing both fast and slow release proteins. As for it’s nutrition details the brand have packed the product with 27g of protein, 5.6g of carbohydrates (2.8g fiber), a slim 0.8g of fat, and a total of 144 calories. In the area of flavors, a place where 4+ have been known to shine, Simply Pro+ gets six options strawberry banana, cookies & cream, cocoa, vanilla, hazelnut and cherry cream. 4+ as always are planning on getting their latest out to stockists as soon as possible. Which should reveal another major thing about the supplement, as the brand are promising the value of Simply Pro+ to be quite the surprise.

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