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EFX latest detailed two days after release, Amino EFP relying solely on Hybrid BCAAs

All American EFX detail their amino formula Amino EFP

Over the weekend All American EFX uploaded their latest supplement Amino EFP to their website, officially launching the product and putting it on sale. Unfortunately with the release came no facts panel, however two days later the brand have now confirmed the BCAA’s contents. It turns out the label promoted 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, is actually all that is in Amino EFP. The official facts panel lists 5g of HBCAA, a trademarked Hybrid BCAA detailed as Ca-hydroxy-BCAA-gluconic-methylbutyrate. The only other thing worth mentioning would be the supplement’s value, with Amino EFP packing the usual 30 servings per 180g tub. So far it seems All American’s direct store is still the only place you can pick up the BCAA product, with stockists expected to be getting the new formula very soon.

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