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20% off all Cellucor at Muscle & Strength, 4lb Cor Performance Whey on sale for just $39.99

20% off all Cellucor supplements at Muscle & Strength

For this weekend only Muscle & Strength are running a massive super Cellucor sale. The two day promotion offers a full 20% discount on all the brand’s supplements, a promotion that is due to end tonight. The special drops a lot of Cellucor’s top products to unbeatable prices seeing the pre-workout C4 Extreme hit $23.99. The amino cocktail Alpha Amino also go all the way down to $23.99, and our Protein Wars winner Cor-Performance Whey at $23.99 for 2lbs and $39.99 for 4lbs. The code you need to remember is ‘CELLUCOR20‘, which you can enter at checkout in the coupon box to apply the discount. It also worth mentioning that the Muscle & Strength voucher does work with Cellucor’s one and only stack at the store. The Cor-Performance set of C4, Cor Whey and Cor BCAA that usually goes for $88.99, however for the super sale you will be looking at just $71.19, a little under $24 a product.

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