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Evogen’s latest available outside direct store, new Lipocide lands at Get Supps for $34.99

Evogen's new Lipocide now available at Get Supps

Based on past Evogen Nutrition releases, we expected the brand’s latest supplement to arrive in the next month or two. It turns out Evogen’s new weight loss formula Lipocide has hit stores a lot earlier. The first place to pop up with the product is Get Supps, who are now listing the fat burner as in stock for

$34.99. For those that remember, that is a whole lot better than Evogen’s direct price of $49.99, even if you took advantage of the 10% discount for pre-ordering. More retailers will not doubt be following suit soon, that $35 however we don’t feel is going to be beaten, or at least not by much.

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