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One of six Fitmiss originals missing, Muscle Pharm no longer listing Cleanse online

Muscle Pharm drop Fitmiss Cleanse from their website

In a time where it seems like there is a new or lost Muscle Pharm supplement almost every week. Today we have yet another product in the spotlight, or not so much anywhere, with the disappearance of Fitmiss Cleanse. One of the original supplements from the female based line has been dropped from Muscle Pharm’s spin off website, leaving the range with a total of five products. There doesn’t appear to be any announcement or post released explaining the online loss, or confirmation of what it actually means. But after seeing Muscle Pharm’s Core Casein removed then followed up by Combat Casein, and the missing case of CLA Core and Battle Fuel XT still unsolved. It doesn’t spell good news for Fitmiss Cleanse. Although on the bright side fans do have two new supplements on the way that may fill the gap, the ZMA Z-Slim PM and the diuretic Tyte.

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