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Gaspari’s Vitamin Shoppe exclusive found outside, watermelon blast Glycofuse now at Nutraplanet

Gaspari Nutrition's watermelon blast Glycofuse spotted at Nutraplanet

Something that we could previously only find at the Vitamin Shoppe, was Gaspari Nutrition’s watermelon blast Glycofuse. The supplement’s third flavor, not including the 60 serving unflavored variant, has now been spotted at Nutraplanet. At the moment the store is the only place that appears to be listing Gaspari’s

presumed exclusive in the one 30 serving size, with everyone else still sitting on orange mango twist and strawberry kiwi. We definitely expect other Gaspari stockists to catch on soon, now that the taste seems to be available outside the Vitamin Shoppe. Although until another retailer picks it up we can’t exactly say the wider distribution is official.

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