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Gaspsari’s sequel protein build up begins, facts panel for Myofusion Advanced now available

Full look at the facts panel of Gaspari Nutrition's upcoming Myofusion Advanced

Seeing as Gaspari Nutrition have started teasing their upcoming protein powder, the sequel supplement Myofusion Advanced. We figured now would be as good a time as any to give those who were asking when word on the new product broke, a look at the facts panel of Gaspari’s latest Myofusion. The full label has been uploaded below, however there are a few additional promotional highlights you may want to hear. Basically the description accompanying the brand’s Myofusion Advanced goes down the same old road about research, development and giving Gaspari’s fans the best in the business. We then move in to an area of standout features where the brand lists ‘no added sugar, no synthetic colors, no corn syrup solids, no amino infusion and it’s gluten free!’. Despite the well worded sales pitch, only time on the market will tell how successful the new Gaspari protein will be. But until then as mentioned we have uploaded Myofusion Advanced’s full facts panel below.

Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion Advanced facts panel
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