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Latest from Gaspari on it’s way out, Myofusion Advanced swiftly moves into distribution

Gaspari Nutrition move Myofusion Advanced into distribution

In an update direct from the man himself, Rich Gaspari has confirmed the swift arrival of his new protein powder Myofusion Advanced. In the past we have seen Gaspari take quite some time with supplement launches, the best example being the isolate formula Isofusion. Which was first spotted at the 2012 Olympia Expo in September, then hit shelves over six months later in April 2013. Gaspari’s new Myofusion Advanced, has actually gone from being previewed two weeks ago. To now moving into distribution with stockist arrival expected as early as sometime in the next week or two. The Gaspari release is not only going to see the brand show off a possible three week turn around from mention to launch. But also reveal how competitive Myofusion Advanced will be with price, and confirm whether or not there is a volume outside of the lonely pictured 4lb.

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