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Why we dropped SuperPump 3.0, updated review of Gaspari’s latest pre-workout

Updated review of Gaspari Nutrition's pre-workout SuperPump 3.0

Last week we got a lot of questions about why we changed the position of Gaspari Nutrition’s SuperPump 3.0 on our top 10 pre-workout list. Basically what happened was we picked up a bottle of the supplement from one of our favorite retailers for an update. It’s something we do with almost every pre-workout in our top 10, just to make sure each product is as good as we remember, and to help gauge new supplements looking to enter the ranks. While we were definitely looking forward to getting another round of SuperPump 3.0’s incredible pump and unbeatable intensity, we were unfortunately treated to a disappointment.

Just as a quick recap, as many people might of seen all over the internet. SuperPump 3.0 delivered some very impressive experiences before it launched, that were all expressed through written and YouTube reviews. One of the key effects in the supplement that seemed to be a highlight for almost everyone, was SuperPump 3.0’s extremely powerful pump. This was also something we felt, and believed put the pre-workout in a league of it’s own, when it came to pump. One of the other major effects we have burned into our memory from the product is it’s unforgettable intensity. While it’s energy and focus were relatively average, with focus almost non-existent. SuperPump 3.0’s intensity had you just going and going. Which combined with it’s pump, created this feel good sensation that had you lifting set after set, going a half hour longer than you usually would, as well as real and visible muscle pumps.

As mentioned we were treated to a disappointment when we came back for a second round of SuperPump 3.0. The major difference for us, that was enough to remove the supplement from our top 10 completely, was that those two chart topping effects mentioned, pump and intensity. Were not anywhere to be seen in the bottle we bought. The pre-workout’s energy was still pretty good, with somewhat of a mild pump. However for us the one we purchased did not perform anything like the one we reviewed pre-release. We took it for several workouts, used two scoop maximums, and even had a week off here and there, but it just never delivered in the same way. To make sure that we weren’t imaging things or had an interfering tolerance, we went through a couple of workouts using the leftover SuperPump 3.0 our first review was based on. It further proved our point, by giving that five star performance of unstoppable intensity and record breaking pump. To double and triple check we also used the two bottles back to back, one a day after the other, then a week break, and the other way around. But in the end we still came up with the same result. It was difficult for us to get our minds straight on the matter, however after all the attempts we realized we had to do an updated review.

In all honesty the SuperPump 3.0 we purchased is a good product, the workouts we got out of the bottle packed great energy, noticeable but not as impressive pumps, with a powerful overall rush and performance. While it was an effective experience, and one that is actually quite competitive with some of today’s favored formulas. The supplement just did not match our first encounter with SuperPump 3.0 and all it’s intensity and pump. It basically forced us to pull the product down from it’s #3 position on our top 10 pre-workouts list. We always make a massive effort to properly gauge a supplement, it’s effects, and give a detailed description of exactly how it performs. Unfortunately this time around the product our original review was based on, after plenty of comparisons and testing. Proved to be an extremely different experience to that of the one we bought ourselves, lacking that unforgettable performance.

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