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Much needed menu moving across website, GNC rolling out options lists to all products

GNC menu update rolling out to all supplements

A month or so ago GNC updated a few of their supplements online with individual menus. For regular shoppers you will know exactly what we mean by that, as previously each variant for a product was listed separately. For protein powders that had let’s say eight flavors, that meant eight different pages. If that supplement had three sizes and eight flavors each, that unfortunately meant 24 different pages. GNC were looking to change all that hassle by adding options to a product, reducing however many pages belonged to an item down to one. The retailer have now started rolling out the May spotted update to every supplement online, with a lot of favorites already sporting a nice new menu. At the moment there are still plenty without the feature, but do keep in mind GNC will be going through and reorganizing an uncountable amount of products.

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