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20% Muscle Pharm banner with new flavor, Chocolate MuscleGel spotted and now expected

Muscle Pharm's fourth MuscleGel flavor in 20% sale

Of all their upcoming new supplements and flavors, one of them has finally shown it’s face. On the list of new Muscle Pharm additions we have Combat Casein, Combat Isolate Zero, Combat Crunch, two more tastes for the regular Combat, another for Assault, and a fourth MuscleGel flavor. The last one on that list is the one that has appeared in a banner, promoting a 72 hour 20% off select Muscle Pharm promotion. While the deal is good, discounting products by around $4 each, it is only for BCAA 3:1:2, Shred Matrix, Armor-V and Amino1. With a lot of the supplements in the banner including chocolate MuscleGel, not even a part of the sale. Either way if Muscle Pharm are willing to put in a poster, we feel there is a good chance it’s availability isn’t too far away.

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