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Snickerdoodle still holds cinnamon title, Muscle Pharm’s cinnamon bun Combat reviewed

Flavor review of Muscle Pharm's cinnamon bun Combat Protein

Yesterday Muscle Pharm revealed the next new flavor for their flagship protein Combat. The taste was snickerdoodle, one we recently took for a spin with PES Select Protein. While the option is no doubt going to win fans over with a cinnamon and cookie combination. We figured now would be as good a time as any to put together our review of Muscle Pharm’s cinnamon bun Combat. The flavor was the latest addition to the supplement’s menu before mint chocolate chip, as well as the variant that kicked one of our favorites s’mores, off Combat’s list of options. As mentioned we only just reviewed PES snickerdoodle Select last week, a memorable cinnamon experience that we will be comparing all future cinnamon recipes to. Including today’s review of cinnamon bun Combat.

Like with most protein powders, mixing Muscle Pharm’s cinnamon bun Combat with the right amount of water does see the taste standout a little more than with the wrong amount. For us stirring up a scoop in about 5oz or so did the trick, with anything more not necessarily taking away any flavor, but certainly diluting it a bit especially up past 10oz per scoop. Unfortunately while the amount of water mixed with cinnamon bun can do some good and bad, the taste itself even when used at just the right amount is rather faint. The concoction does definitely have a cinnamon presence, one that actually dominates the flavor’s whole experience. However it is extremely watery, and despite the intense cinnamon scent that floats off the powder. The Combat variant’s smell is in no way a reflection of it’s quality of taste.

The strange thing for us was that no matter how little water we mixed in with Muscle Pharm’s cinnamon effort, it still had that vague watery flavor. It does have some sweetness to it when you take the first sip or gulp down a fair amount. Although sadly the cinnamon climax quickly dies down as you start to swallow. It is also worth mentioning that while the product does in fact have a climax, where it’s sweetness is at it’s maximum. Don’t be surprised if you drink it and feel disappointed by just how little sweetness it actually has. The flavor does in deed have a cinnamon concentration, one that disappears quickly into a watery aftertaste. However it is no way like the sugar cookie snickerdoodle Select from PES, and it’s heightened cinnamon sweetness. It’s more along the lines of a flat or dull cinnamon spice, with the only reason why we used sweet to describe it was purely because compared to it’s watery surroundings it is

Overall Muscle Pharm’s cinnamon bun is a good effort, one that does feature at least half it’s title with a cinnamon twist. We do have to say though that it isn’t anything exciting. It’s light dose of cinnamon sting compared to it’s watery taste, lack of long lasting flavor and failure to deliver any type of bun presence, sees the Combat variant fall in the area of average. The option is definitely bearable, so even if you’re like us and don’t believe it’s that strong of a recipe, you won’t have wasted all your money. While taste isn’t exactly something that affects the performance of a supplement. As with most things you spend a lot of money on you don’t want to be let down. Unfortunately for us that is what cinnamon bun Combat did, although we have to put some blame on PES for leaving us with the unforgettable cinnamon powered snickerdoodle Select.

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