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Muscle Pharm preview flavor number 13, snickerdoodle Combat Protein coming soon

Muscle Pharm preview Snickerdoodle Combat Protein

Muscle Pharm may have previewed strawberry cheesecake and peach swirl for their flagship Hybrid Series protein, Combat Protein Powder. But the two fruity favors do look likely to be beaten to shelves by the athlete company’s latest taste to be revealed, the Europa exclusive snickerdoodle. The option is due to join the supplement’s current menu as flavor number 10, although taste number 13 overall counting the unreleased duo and now discontinued s’mores. The recipe we recently found appreciation in with PES’s Select Protein, is at the moment only being teased as coming soon. Which would usually mean anywhere from one month to never actually being released. However Muscle Pharm have uploaded a hands on photograph of the product, something they did with mint chocolate chip Combat then launched it a month later.

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