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Muscle Sport reveal first limited lean, Juice Baird’s strawberry daiquiri wins out

Muscle Sport reveal their limited lean flavor strawberry daiquiri

A few weeks back Muscle Sport announced the coming of their special edition Pre Lean Revolution series, promising a new limited run flavor every month. In the announcement the brand mentioned that the first limited lean was going to be selected by fans, with a suggestion contest being run for a couple of weeks. That competition has now come to an end, with the unveiling of the first flavor confirmed as strawberry daiquiri. The option was thought up and submitted by Juice Baird, a Muscle Sport fan who has won himself the promised prize of a years supply of Rhino Revolution. The brand have yet to give us a date for when the new taste and first limited lean will become available. Although it would be good to assume Muscle Sport will take a bit of time to perfect strawberry daiquiri Pre Lean Revolution.

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