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Muscle Sport update their Raw Series, COP replacement expected sometime soon

Muscle Sport show off their Raw Series rebranding

Muscle Sport have uploaded an image of their basic Raw Series dressed in a new modified version of the Rhino Mode 2.0 branding. All of straightforward products have received a makeover being moved into a very uniformed orange on white label, essentially a reverse of what can seen on Muscle Sport’s complex formulas. For fans of the brand you may start noticing that as well as a new look, the Raw Series is also a man down, now with a total of 12 supplements instead of 13. The individual that has been discontinued is one of Muscle Sport’s creatines, the 300g creatinol-o-phosphate or COP. On the bright side the product is expected to be replaced by another basic sometime soon, with no confirmation of what Raw’s 13th will be, just that it’s not going to be a creatine.

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