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Supp Central take the lead with Clear Muscle, Muscletech BetaTOR formula spotted at $56.95

Supplement Central with Muscletech's Clear Muscle at $56.95

It only took a quick look at entry numbers to see that a lot of people missed out on our Muscletech Clear Muscle giveaway. Unfortunately we did only have three bottles to put up as prizes, although during the week we did bring up Tiger Fitness, one of the many nutrition retailers now stocking the BetaTOR muscle builder. The reason we highlighted them above all the other stores out there with Clear Muscle was because they were and still are offering free shipping on orders over $99. That combined with the price of Muscletech’s hot new supplement at $60, made Tiger Fitness the best place to go if you didn’t win a bottle of Clear Muscle. It turns out we now have another retailer in the mix with Supplement Central, who have the product at $56.95. Shipping the item is of course not free, although the store does have quite competitive rates if you don’t mind going with the cheapest option.

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