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Muscletech upload Essential #20, 100 calorie ISO-Zero coming sometime in July

Muscletech's upcoming 18th Essential ISO-Zero uploaded

Muscletech’s previously unconfirmed 20th Essential Series supplement has now been uploaded to their website. Originally the Platinum Series ISO-Zero could only be seen as a coming soon product in places, with the brand themselves not actually listing it online. For those that didn’t catch it’s details first time around, the supplement is an unflavored pure whey isolate, with zero carbs, zero fat, 25g of protein and 100 calories. Basically the official site upload confirms ISO-Zero’s existence, as well as hopefully a launch sometime soon. Of course like the other 17 Essentials, some of which have still yet to release, Muscletech’s latest product from their straightforward series does not have any exact date for when it will arrive. Leaving us with a retailer’s rough estimate of sometime in July.

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